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As a proud member of ABOTA with over 40 years of Jury Trial experience (both plaintiff and defense verdicts), I have learned what works at Mediation to enhance the probability that your case is settled. Cases go to Trial because one side greatly misevaluated the case. Letting a jury pick the “winner” (and “loser”) is fraught with risk, delay, expense, and stress. “Closing the deal” is the most important quality in a Mediator. It often requires crafting a hybrid process that is “outside the box” of the typical “cookie-cutter/one-size fits all” Mediation.

I have been mediating cases for about 20 years and have dedicated to advancing my skills with Advanced Mediation courses at Harvard Law School; Pepperdine University School of Law, Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution; the United States District Court, Central District; and Loyola Marymount University. I served in a leadership position on the Los Angeles Superior Court ADR Judges’ Committee that oversaw the Mediation Panel and was co-originator of the Pilot Project Mandatory Settlement Conference Program utilizing plaintiff/defense counsel as the neutrals. I was an instructor for the LASC Panel Mediators on “Effective Techniques in Mediating Personal Injury Cases” and was presented by the Judges with the LASC Award for Outstanding Alternative Dispute Recognition.

My areas of focus are:

Governmental Agency Liability
Insurance Litigation/Coverage/Bad Faith
Medical Device
Medical Malpractice
Personal Injury/Tort
Premises Liability
Mold Exposure
Product Liability
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist
Wrongful Death


$350.00 an hour
No administrative “set-up fee”
No “per party” markup fee
No cancellation fee
No fee for my dogged follow-up calls after the Mediation
Available on the USDC ADR Mediation Panel
Pre-mediation discussion
Sometimes available on short-notice; Flexibility in scheduling
“Settlement Day” for institutional clients

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Shaw Koepke & Satter serves as local, regional and national counsel for clients with civil litigation needs.

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our clients.  Our focus is to thoroughly understand and support the business goals of our clients.  We obtain superior results by securing the initiative in litigation and proposing cost-effective resolution strategies before significant

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Appeals & Writs


An appeal is not simply a continuation of the trial court proceeding.  It presents a new arena with different rules and different strategies.  The chances of succeeding in that arena increase greatly by using an appellate lawyer experienced in that different environment.

You need someone with a deep understanding of appellate practice and procedure, who can bring that refined expertise and fresh perspective to improve your

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Our lawyers each have over 25 years of experience advocating for clients in both the trial and appellate courts.  We have represented individuals, companies and institutional clients, of all sizes, and worked in law firms, large and small.  These decades of experience left us with a hunger to build a different law firm.

Our vision at SKS is to foster an environment where our lawyers can produce top-quality court filings and achieve creative and cost-effective results for our clients.  Focusing on select clients, we get to know their businesses and their goals.  Capitalizing on our years of experience, we think creatively about how the litigation and appeal process can serve those goals, and we come up with cost-effective ways to accomplish them.  On important motions and briefs, we take the time to present the most persuasive and compelling arguments possible.  And we do all this as part of a personalized, responsive relationship with our clients.

Through this approach, we have been able to accomplish strong results for our clients, either through negotiated resolutions or courtroom victories.